Visit any of our branches to play Bonus Lotto. For $1 you are given four chances. You can either submit your own numbers to the clerk or you can have the machine randomly pick the numbers for you (Quick Pick). Compare the numbers on your ticket with those drawn live on ZBC every Saturday at 7.45pm.
Permutations increase the chances of winning the Jackpot. One gets to choose upto 15 numbers.
Payouts are determined by the pool. If more people play, the more the payouts.
Few people play the Lotto hence the chances of it being won is low. By giving away free tickets we increase the size of the pool hence increase the chances of the the jackpot being won.
*Please note that no payments can be made to a person without a winning ticket / card. Keep them safe at all times. If you have won in any of our games; for amounts exceeding $100 visit our Head offices for payments. Africalotto representatives (Branches) can only pay upto $100. For other amounts they are paid out at the Head office.