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Thursday, 23 August 2018 00:00

$10 000-winning grandpa wants more!

63-year-old bus driver, Emmanuel Kakweza, has won $10 000 after scratching a $1 Strike and Win card which is amongst the array of scratch card products offered by Africa Lotto. Mr. Kakweza says he is encouraged to keep trying his luck for a much bigger jackpot. “I will also stop when I win this,” Glen View resident Kakweza said, pointing to a promotional banner in the Karigamombe branch, which showed a previous lucky punter winning $200 000. “I also want that $200 000 now. Then I can stop.” This is by miles the biggest pay cheque won by Kakweza since he started playing the scratch-card two years ago. “Before it was $5, $10, and perhaps the odd $100 winnings. I’m over the moon, son, and I owe Africa Lotto a huge amount of gratitude.” The father of eight and grandfather to several grandchildren has been a gambler since his youthful days, but he says he is pretty new to the Africa Lotto scratch-card, which he reckons is much more winnable. “This one is easier than yekunyora iya. I encourage fellow punters to put their money on this one.” Kakweza’s win was from a stake of a dollar, and he says he sent one of his younger sons to buy the winning scratch-card. “I called my best friend and fellow punter Promise Maziwisa after I won, and he obviously is extremely happy for me. I just haven’t decided on how to use the money, I will sit down with my family and plan. But being a driver, I think I will invest in the transport business.”
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Many people would say they’d want cash if asked what they wanted for their birthday. A young man from South Carolina USA got his wish and then some when he won $200,000 off an instant ticket game that only launched two months ago! Seeing that he had some extra money, Dale Curtis decided to buy a 20X The Cash scratch-off ticket at the Campus Store on North Main Street in Boiling Springs. When he scratched the $5 ticket off, the top prize of $200,000 was revealed. He thought he was just seeing things and had to ask the clerk to verify his win. Now he has gone to the lottery offices after which he received $139,003 net of all taxes. The 21-year old says it is quite a nice present and will use it to take a trip to Myrtle Beach with his mom. You too can be a winner with Africalotto if you play our new and exciting DAILY GAME. Remember all you need to do is to choose 12 numbers from 1 to 24 and you have a chance to win the jackpot of $25,000. Draws are done daily at 7:45pm. GET PLAYING NOW!!
Published in Winners Stories