How To Play Bonus Lotto

  • Win a minimum Jackpot of $100'000 after playing our Bonus Lotto 6/42 game.
  • Choose any 6 numbers ranging from 1-42.
  • $1 will give you 4 lines/chances to win the Jackpot prize.
  • 6 numbers will be drawn every Saturday at 1950 accompanied by a 7th Bonus Ball which is drawn just to increase your chances of winning.
  • To win the Jackpot at stake, one is supposed to Match all of the first 6 numbers that are drawn.
  • Bonus Lotto may be played as Quick Pick (where lucky numbers are electronincally generated by the machine), Own Selection, (where one chooses their own sets of numbers manually) or Permutations, (where one chooses up to 15 numbers instead of 6)

Prize Scheme:

Match Amount
Match 6 (Jackpot) $108,000 (Parimutuel)
Match 5 + Bonus $2,500
Match 5 $250
Match 4 + Bonus $150
Match 4 $30
Match 3 + Bonus $15

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